Homemade Fondant Airplane Birthday Cake

This Airplane Birthday Cake I made was actually my son’s second cake. He is two and truly fascinated with airplanes of any kind. I just really wanted a silly looking cake. We had a large family party before his birthday and then I made this one for his actual birthday. It is very small and simple but defiantly made his day.

I baked two small round cake about 6 inches and then a regular sheet cake. I stacked the round cakes and used the round for the nose then cut the sides off. Leaving the base of the cake about 4 to 5 inches wide. I then matched the sheet cake up for size stacked it and cut away the access. It left me with just enough for the wings.

I made a simple white marshmallow fondant and a basic homemade butter cream. My recipe for butter cream is a simple old fashioned one with real butter, tastes better than the others, if you ask me. I covered the base of the plane with the butter cream icing then rolled my fondant over the base but not the wings I just cut and molded around them. It definitely seems easier to try and make the plane all one piece.

Just a small tip with this fondant, I tried to make it right before I used it, seems to roll over your cake smoother with no cracks or dry spots. You should also try to color it right after you make it if you can it will be a lot easier. Now just another note, I only make the fondant I am going to roll over my cakes right away, all the other details or other pieces you should try to make a head of time the more you can prep the better.

Next I covered the wings with the blue fondant put a skewer in the end and attached the wings. I had made those side flaps, propeller, eyes, and hat ahead of time. They definitely needed to be stiffer to stay on. I molded all the pieces by hand and just did what ever came to mind. I love those little flying caps and I wanted goofy eyes. I colored a little butter cream with red and black which helped me fill in the details. I made a banner from card stock and glued it to the skewer that said Dayne is 2.

He loved the cake and knew it was specially made for him.

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