Cool 3D Homemade Airplane Cake

For this airplane cake I used 2 13×9 sheet cakes and a small round bowl cake. I used pound cake because of the crumbs. The body of the plane was made from one sheet cake cut in half longways, stacked, and carved. The wings are made from the other sheet in cake. The nose is made from the bowl and covered in fondant.

The top set of wings is on a cake board cut to shape and is supported by a dowel rod on either side. The whole thing is piped in different shades of buttercream. The accessories were purchased at Michael’s craft store. The propeller is a piece of cardboard covered in fondant.

2 thoughts on “Cool 3D Homemade Airplane Cake”

  1. I Googled airplane cake images and this by far is the best cake I’ve seen – it’s perfect for my son’s first birthday! Thank you for posting it!


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