Coolest Appa from Avatar Cake

I made this Homemade Appa from Avatar Cake for my son’s 8th Birthday Party. He is a big fan of Avatar and we had looked at Appa cakes and I found one to go by for example. I used two white sheet cakes, I froze them so them would be easier to carve. After I finished carving I used buttercream icing to cover the cake.

After I smoothered the icing I covered the cake in fondant that I make myself using marshmallows. Then I added the stripe down the center, eyes and mouth. The horns were pre-made out of gumpaste and placed on a toothpick through the cake so they would stand up.

He loved the Homemade Appa from Avatar Cake and so did everyone at the party. It was not had to do just took a lot of time.

Homemade Appa from Avatar Cake

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