Coolest Apple Mac Cake

A riend requested a cake for her son who is really into his computer which is an Apple Mac. She did not want to spend a lot of money so I came up with the idea of using the Apple Mac logo for a cake.

The Apple Mac cake is a vanilla cake with a vanilla buttercream and raspberry jam filling. I cut out a ‘apple shape’ and used the off-cuts to make the leaf. I then crumb coated the cake with buttercream and then took pieces of fondant which I had coloured in the appropriate colours and rolled them into strips and covered the cake. Use the internet to get the correct colours for the Apple Mac logo.

I then layered the leaf cake and crumb coated that. I then piped a border around the base of the cake. Made an ‘apple plaque out of sugarpaste and then piped the greeting on that and also the ‘I love my apple’ on the actual cake. I added a can of lager candle to finish.

The mixture I use for all my vanilla cakes is as follows:-

250gms sugar, butter or marg, SR Flour plus one tsp Baking Powder, 4 eggs, 1 tsp vanilla extract, little milk to soften mixture.(how much you need will depend on various factors, so just add enough to make a soft, dropping consistency) and beaten for 3 mins with a hand held electric mixer, until lighter in colour and fluffy.

Pour into two 20cm greased and bottom lined tins and bake in moderate oven for 20 mins or until slightly shrinking from sides of tins. This recipe never fails for me and I can get a cake in the oven inside 10 mins!

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