I had a friend ask me if I ever made a I-phone cake…No I had not ! So this is what I came up with. This is a 12 inch white cake frosted in homemade buttercream frosting. I have to say, I love the look of a cake covered in fondant, BUT…I still prefer eating a cake covered in buttercream frosting….( not that fondant doesn’t taste good) but I guess it’s just a texture type thing with me.

So this is a constant struggle thing I go through…the wow look of fondant or the texture and taste of frosting! So for me the perfect balance is homemade editable fondant decorations on top of a buttercream cake.  This is why I decided not to do a whole iPhone cake, because it would require fondant on top of fondant!  SO my solution was to make the iPhone on top of a giant sized Hershey bar. What I did was flip the Hershey bar upside down so the top would be flat, I then covered it with black fondant, made little icons out of fondant to put on it also. I then got a picture of the apple logo off of the Internet, printed it out and cut it out, set this on top of black fondant and traced around it with a knife.

When the Mom got the cake today she said she absolutely LOVED IT….which always makes me happy. I have to say making the little I-cons for me was really time consuming as I have ZERO artistic ability ( I cannot even draw a decent stick figure) Every time I make a cake I think….what I wouldn’t do for a little artistic ability !!!