Cool Homemade Army Tank Cake

This Homemade Army Tank Birthday Cake was for my son’s 4th birthday. I looked through the cakes on this site, then created my own from there.

I made one 8 1/2 x 11 cake, then cut it in half and stacked them on each other. I also put another cake in a loaf pan as suggested by others. I cut the ends off of that to make it more to scale with the other cake. Frosted the entire thing with green. Then used my fingertips to smear the brown into it and make it look camouflaged.

Pretzel for the cannon part. Oreos for the wheels and dirt, Hershey’s for the tracks. Added the little green guys from my boys’ collection. The “Happy 4th Birthday Ezra!” is just on paper from my printer. I smeared it with frosting, then scraped most of it off. I love the way that looked.

It was a huge hit with the Army themed party. Much easier than some other cakes I’ve done. I used a white cake, then made chocolate camo cupcakes on the side.

Homemade Army Tank Birthday Cake