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Cool Homemade U.S. Army Tank Cake

I made this tank cake the night before & refrigerated it. For the base I used a 9×12″glass casserole dish. For the top part I used a loaf pan.

I made 1 chocolate and 1 vanilla. I got 1 container of each chocolate and vanilla frosting and mixed a portion of each to get the desired color use less chocolate for a sand color. I used black squeeze tube frosting with the special tips to design the track and wheels and a pretzel rod covered in chocolate frosting for the canon.

I also used the spray on green frosting to make the camouflage effect and then wrote the words with black gel. It was a big hit and I had lots of fun making it. Oh, and I used coconut for the grass. I just sprayed it green and used army men around it.

The whole family loved it especially the birthday boy.

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