Coolest ATV Cake

I made this ATV cake for a friend who absolutely Loves Atv’s! I looked online for his Atv and printed it out.

I baked a small vanilla cake and iced it with Butter Cream Icing. After I bake and Ice a cake I like to put it in the fridge for awhile so when I put my drawing on if I mess up its easy to fix and not mess up the bottom Icing.

I use a lot of toothpicks to pick up a line of Icing if it is drawn on wrong instead of scrapping off the Icing. It only makes a mess if you scrape it off. I cut the picture of the Atv so when I put the picture on top of the cake I can trace an outline of the Atv.

The hard part is filling in the picture. I try to pay attention to details in the picture. For the dirt I used crushed up graham crackers.

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