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Coolest Baby Carriage Diaper Cake

This adorable Baby Carriage Diaper cake is made from 115 pampers swaddler diapers. Each wheel uses 10 diapers which are held together with a rubber band and are placed around a tubing which is covered with a onesie. A flower is then carefully placed inside the tubing. There is a baby outfit used to cover the diapers.

The body of the carriage is covered by two plush baby blankets. There is no tape or glue used on any of the items so all of the items can be used. The diaper cake is finished by placing ribbon around the body of the carriage for a finished look. The dimensions of the diaper cake are approximately 15x11x16.

This makes a great centerpiece as well as a baby shower gift. This one was made for a friend of mine having her first baby. I make a variety of custom made diaper cakes.

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