Coolest Baby Einstein Lizard Cake

This Baby Einstein Lizard Cake was the first cake I ever decorated! I couldn’t find a cake topper of Bard that I liked, so decided to try to do it myself!

I enlarged an image of Bard from a paper cake plate using my scanner and put wax paper over it. Then I traced the image with white fondant in a tube. I let it dry for a couple days and then flipped it over on the lightly frosted white cake and transferred the outline on to the cake.

I then filled in using a star tip and looking at the plate to get the details right. I used a piece of a natural fruit roll up for the tongue. I used a little white frosting from the cake for the eyes and cut the tip off of mini chocolate chips for the pupils. I did the yellow parts first, then the mouth and eyes, then did the light green stomach and finally filled in the rest with the darker green.

For the cake itself, I used Naturally Nora box cake mix and frosting. I tinted the frosting naturally as well since we don’t eat artificial food colors. For the yellow, I used some stale tumeric. For the green, I used green tea powder (Matcha) and added a little more to make different shades of green. For the pink, I mashed a raspberry and mixed it with some of the white frosting.

Everyone loved the Naturally Nora cake and frosting and the natural food colors couldn’t even be detected in the frosting.

I was really happy with my first effort at decorating!

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