Coolest Baby Jaguar From Diego Birthday Cake

My wife and I wanted to do something really special for our youngest’s 3rd birthday, so for our 5th custom cake we decided to try for a full 3D Baby Jaguar From Diego Birthday Cake.

First she covered a chocolate sheet cake with green “grass” then I carved Baby Jaguar out of a yellow cake. It was a lot harder than I thought because the cake was so soft. Next time we’ll probably use something stiffer, like a pound cake. Because the cake was so soft, the weight of the head kept shifting so we had to use bamboo skewers and a small piece of cardboard for support.

After finally getting the head on straight I started covering him in “fur” but my wife thought it would be easier to move him BEFORE he was iced, so she finished icing him after we moved him to the grass sheet cake.

The eyes, nose, and ears are made with a “faux-fondant butter-cream” recipe we found online. It came out okay, but the icing was too thick to spread properly, but not thick enough for easy shaping. The whiskers are just string licorice.

Our son loved the cake and is still talking about it weeks later.

Coolest Baby Jaguar From Diego Birthday Cake

Coolest Baby Jaguar From Diego Birthday Cake

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  1. Rice Krispie Treats make a nice alternative to pound cake for the head. It is a little easier to mold as well. Just a suggestion if anyone is going to try this.

  2. I’m really excited to try this. Do you have a more instructions on the carving of the head you can share?

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