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Coolest Baby Rattle Cake

This Baby Rattle Cake was made for a friend’s baby shower for her first girl. The colors were chosen to match her nursery. With every cake I make (no matter the occasion) I always make themed cupcakes to match. This has been one of my signature trademarks for making cakes for my friends parties.

Rattle Top:

Bake a cake in a sports ball pan. Once cooled, use icing to “glue” the two halves together to make the large part of the rattle. Frost it with whatever colors or design you desire, be creative.

Rattle Bottom:

This was kind of tricky. I went to our local baked goods store and found a Wilton cake pan that bakes four oval shapes. I baked two and cut them down until, when stuck together, formed a small round ball. I am sure there’s an easier way, but this was what I had to work with. I chose to frost it opposite of the large rattle part.

Rattle Handle:

I used a dowel rod and wrapped it in ribbon I found to match the color scheme/pattern.

Rattle Assembly:

1. Frosted Rattle Top

2. Wrap dowel rod with ribbon and insert into top

3. Attach bottom rattle part

4. Frost bottom rattle part

Enjoy this cake!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your cake, it gave me a good starting point for doing a rattle for this weekend! I was especially interested in seeing what you used for the handle part, so thanks for sharing!


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