Coolest Homemade Zebra Themed Baby Shower Cake

I made this baby shower cake or “sprinkle” cake for the daughter of a friend who was having her second baby. The nursery was done in pink/white/brown with touches of hot pink, and brown zebra stripes. That was part of the reason for this design.

I got lots of inspiration and information for making this cake from a website called Pink Cake Box. They make AMAZING cakes. This is my third fondant covered cake, and actually the third cake I have ever decorated. Everything I have learned has been online through the websites I have listed and just by Googlling the subject.

Both tiers of this cake are two layers. The top layer is yellow cake (I used box mixes) with homemade buttercream frosting, and the bottom tier is chocolate cake with homemade peanut butter buttercream frosting (recipes on the Wilton website).

There are dowels in the bottom tier in order to support the top tier, and there is a long dowel down the center of the whole cake to help keep it stable. The fondant is all homemade marshmallow fondant.

Hope the mother to be loves it. I will find out later today!

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  1. The coordinating onesie cookies are just a cutout vanilla sugar cookie, also decorated with rolled marshmallow fondant. A thin layer of buttercream icing is used to adhere the fondant to the cookie.

  2. Your cake is amazing! It looks perfect and is really cleverly designed. I’m sure the mother-to-be was blow away by it, she’s a lucky lady! I also adore the idea of the little individual cookies, what a marvelous touch and one I will be using myself from now on! Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. I was wondering how you got the zebra stripes to stay put? Did you put icing on the back, or leave the fondant by its self and just press it on?

  4. The zebra stripes and the dots were attached simply by using a small paint brush (used for food only) and dampening the back of the piece to be attached (just a LITTLE water will do). They then stick to the fondant on the cake like glue. Make sure you don’t get them super wet or they will soften the fondant on the cake. The pieces on top (flowers) that had been hardened were attached with a little blob of icing.

  5. This is a fab cake…I love it and the romper suit style cookies are fab…I’ve yet to make my own fondant icing with the marshmallows..I believe it tastes so much better than the commerical type…it’s the sticky mess that troubles me as to how do you stop yourself from licking the fingers!!!!! Awesome cake.

  6. I just had to comment on this cake…for it being your third, this is absolutely flawlessly BEAUTIFUL! You’ve done an excellent job! I’m sure she fell in love with the cake the second she laid her eyes on it!

  7. Your cake is absolutely beautiful. Actually it is one that a customer of mine has requested. I was wondering if you would share your fondant recipe.

  8. the cake is to die for. i love the zebra prints i am having a baby shower for my auntie i think i might use this cake. i love it. it is beautiful

  9. oh my… this cake is amazing!!!! my birthday is in August and my mom’s friend is making my cake and I knew what I wanted but they said it could not be done ,but we use this website all the time and I saw this cake I knew it was the one… the only thing that will be different will be the colors (purple and zebra)(so purple black&white) …THANKS!!!!

  10. Beautiful cake!
    What sizes are they? I tend to make too much when the job can be done with smaller sizes.

    Did you free hand the zebra stripes or is there a cutout for them?

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