I made this Homemade Baby Shower Frog Cake for a friends baby shower. She wanted a frog, turtle, and snail theme. I found a few pics on several sites that I went off. I made a 6in Orange supreme cake for the top layer. The bottom layer was 9in white on top and choc on bottom with choc fudge icing in middle. Both layers were covered with vanilla icing.

I made a homemade marshmallow fondant for the frogs, turtles, snails, and dots. The cupcakes were a mixture of strawberry with choc chips, strawberry with buttercream filling, orange supreme with buttercream filling, choc with buttercream filling, and white with choc fudge filling. Each frog, turtle and snail was made out of the fondant. For the other cupcakes I used a cupcake pick mold with the alphabet on it to spell out the baby’s name in colored choc.

The only tip I used for the icing was the grass tip. It went well with the theme. Over all everyone LOVED it !