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Cool Homemade Wiggles Big Red Car Birthday Cake

My two year old son LOVES The Wiggles ‘Toot Toot Chugga Chugga’ so for his 2nd birthday I decided to attempt the Wiggles Big Red Car birthday cake. After seeking guidance from this website and some others I sought to hire the Wilton 3D Car tin and set about planning my creation.

The Cake: I used the tin to make the car, it took 2 packet mixes. The trick is to use the Wilton Cooking Spray to remove it from the tin (thanks to the hire company for that advise), to keep the oven on a lower setting (150dc fan forced) and cook slowly for 1hr 30min. Cook the cake at least 24hrs before decorating, wrap in Glad Wrap and freeze it, much easier to shape and ice when it’s frozen. Just before you ice the cake, cut the roof out to make it a convertible!

Icing: I made butter cream icing, used a gel paste to color it (one whole tube from Spotlight) and then more of the normal supermarket Pillar Box Red, it takes A LOT to get it dark enough. Remember to use basic icing to crumb ice the cake before attempting the decorating icing (I colored this red as well). This makes it easier to do the final icing.

Decorations: To make the car details I used the Ready Made White Icing (like royal icing) available in the supermarket cake making section (2 packets). I then colored it using gel paste (from Spotlight) and normal food coloring from the supermarket. Then, like playing with Playdoh, I shaped the headlights (using a smartie for the light), the seats, the wheel detail, the yellow folded roof and the number plates. REMEMBER: wear disposable gloves for each color!

The Wheels: To make the wheels I used Mint Slice, I then made little circles of each colour and divided each into 4 and stuck them onto the biscuit using left over basic icing.

I then put it all together, used black writing icing to write EJ 2 on the number plates and cut out the Wiggles logo from the party supply (plates/cups/napkin) packaging and gently placed that on the bonnet and doors. For the rear I made a second number plate and used 2 orange smarties for the rear lights.

The Grass: I then colored some shredded coconut with green coloring and gently placed around the car for added effect!

The Response: my little boy kept going to the fridge and opening the door all morning prior to the party, saying ‘toot toot cake mummy’, he LOVED it. All the mums and dads were amazed at the party, the kids loved it…it was the first cake that I have done that got almost 100% eaten at the party! My 5yr old daughter told me it was the ‘coolest cake’ she had even seen! I was very proud of my efforts!

Homemade Wiggles Big Red Car Birthday Cake

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