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Coolest Basset Hound Cake

I used a 9 inch round cut in half and set upright stuck together with frosting for the body of the Basset Hound Cake. I used another smaller round for the back legs, and yet another small round for the tail piece (extra left on this one to add needed shapes later).

I used a pampered chef prep bowl, cut in four equal pieces for the feet, and another cut in half for the snout. I used half of the Wilton small ball pan for the head with a small round piece of cake added to the top for more height. I used some of the extra pieces of cake to form the left front leg coming from behind the body.

I then crumb coated the cake and set in the freezer over night. The eyebrows and ears were made from pre-made fondant. I used vanilla, fudge, and milk chocolate frosting to decorate the cake. I made the red ball from extra pieces of cake.

11 thoughts on “Coolest Basset Hound Cake”

  1. This is the CUTEST cake I have ever seen. The eye’s look so real. Is this something you do for a living? How did you do the eyes, is that just frosting? Super impressive.

  2. Great Job, he looks so realistic! I just wish you would have given better instructions so that I could attempt to make my husband a hound cake. Though, we’re coon hound lover’s!

  3. I love the cake. My husband has a birthday this month & I’d like to make it for him. Our basset just passed away. Shorty was his “buddy”

  4. I used a small star tip for the fur. the eyes are just frosting, I used a larger circle tip for the white and a tiny round tip for the pupil and black around the bottom of the eyes.

  5. Hi there I’m really stuck I would not be able to make I cake like you have done. I’m looking for a basset hound birthday cake. I’ve been looking everywhere for one and cannot tend to find one. So I’m just wondering do you make cakes like that for people . Or do you know anyone or anywhere that I could get one. Would love your help if you can. Thanks x

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