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Coolest Beach Ball Cake Idea

I used the Wilton’s ‘Ball Pan’ for this Beach Ball Cake Idea. You will need: 1 cake mix, 4-6 cups icing, 4 pipe bags, #3 tip, and 4 #17 tips, colors in green, blue & orange, cake board, angled spatula, finely crushed graham crackers.

Mix one box of cake mix. Be sure to grease and flour both pans for easy removal. After cakes have cooled ice the center of the cakes and stack.

Place in refrigerator to set icing.

* Mix up icing. And divide into 4 parts. Make one batch of icing twice as much as the other 3. This will be the white icing in between each color.

* Mix the other 3 parts into desired colors. In this picture I used blue, green and orange to match birthday decorations.

* After cake has set up, begin by finding where you want the center of the ball to be. (In this pic the center was set at an angle.)

Using the #3 tip and white icing draw a 1 to 1 1/2 in circle. You may use something round to indent the spot.

* Now still using the #3 tip in white draw 6 lines off of the circle evenly spaced all the way to the bottom of the cake.

* Using a #17 tip & white icing fill every other section in a star tip pattern.

* Using a #17 tip in the remaining colors alternate sections using the same star tip pattern.

For sand spread a thin layer of white icing onto cake board. Pat crushed graham crackers onto cake board.

**If this is a smash cake, Please Do Not Use A Dowel Rod**

Be creative. Your little beach buddy will love it!

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