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Coolest Bender B Rodriguez from Futurama Cake

“Bite my frosted chocolate ***”

I created this witty Bender B Rodriguez from Futurama Cake using 3 cake mixes.


I used an old coffee can for the body of Bender. Filled with 1 cake mix (approx 1/3rd of coffee can). To limit the amount of cake needed to fill I placed a smaller can in the middle to create a hollow area. This can will need to be weighted down. On my first attempt I used water, this didn’t work as it slowed the cooking time in the middle down and I had a burnt outside with a unbaked middle. Try a rock or just push back down in the middle of baking.

2-Arms and Legs:

Used rectangle pan. Cut limbs to the length I thought looked about right, left 1 side flat and rounded the opposite side with a knife. attached to body using tooth picks and icing.


Used a large soup or tomato can (bigger than the can I used in benders body). This only took a little of the cake fill, approx 2/3rds full create cupcakes with the rest or freeze and eat the frozen dough later (yum!).

I made his antenna with aluminum foil and frosted.

Place head on top of body after filling bender with what ever floats your boat. I chose candy coke bottles and called them Beer since Bender’s always pulling beer out of his chest. But anything else could work too.

The only flaw that a true Futurama addict would note is that Benders pupils should be square and I did them round. Every one knows robots don’t have round pupils.

Good luck!

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