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Coolest Benz and Rolex Cake

I made this Benz and Rolex cake with a small 6″ cake and added the Benz symbol and and details of a Rolex watch…  very simple.

I made the symbol ahead of time, sprinkled it with dusting silver sparkle, and let it dry.

I made the car key with gumpaste and drew the sign on it and then highlighted it with white color,  and let it dry.

I also made the Rolex watch ahead of time based on the picture of the real watch. I made it look as real as possible and then let it dry. Later I made it sparkle with dusting silver mix with alcohol, and let it dry.

For the cake, I made a 3 layer sponge cake with strawberry jam,  frosted it with vanilla buttercream, covered it with fondant, and let it dry. After it was dry, I airbrushed it with blue color.

When the symbol, watch, and key were dry and the cake finished,  I put it all together and made it look nice.