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Coolest Big Mac Cake Design

This cake is actually from a cake competition in which I participated in March 2010 for FCCLA. What inspired me to make the homemade big mac cake design was that my mom is a manager at McDonald’s, and many of my relatives also work there.

The theme of the cake competition was retirement, and it fit with the cake because I wrote alongside it.. ” I’m loving it, Retirement!”.. On top the seeds are real sesame seeds, and I believe they are toasted. For better appearance, the buns of the big mac are yellow cake and the meat is chocolate. In total it is a five layer cake.

To add texture to the meat, I added chocolate sprinkles. The hardest part was getting the color! Oh, and I placed gold in regional and state level. Unfortunately, my school didn’t go to nationals because it was during the summer. Along side is a large fry box with cake slices left over covered in yellow fondant. Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Alicia, its amaaazen! “I’ve been eyeballing that MF since I walked in” haha soo funny! You did such a good job love! :)


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