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Coolest Blocks Baby Shower Cake

This Blocks Baby Shower Cake was for my sister-in-law’s baby shower. The theme was baby blocks. I wanted to incorporate the blocks as well as make it personal. The letters on the blocks are my nephew’s initials and the objects on the blocks are both typical items you might find on baby blocks with a few meaningful symbols for my brother and his wife.

I used small cookie cutters which worked very well. I chose to create red converse shoes instead of baby booties because that style of shoe fit their personalities better. The cake was 1 box lemon cake mix, separated into four layers with lemon curd as the filling. The lemon curd was purchased. I then covered it in homemade buttercream and purchased white fondant.

The blocks and shoes were box chocolate cake mix covered in buttercream and purchased colored fondant. Other embellishments on the cake were made from colored decorator icing. It is very helpful to freeze cakes before decorating as they are less crumbly and easier to cut and shape.

This was my first experience with fondant and I covered my mistakes and creases with the square cutouts that fortunately added to the block theme, I just dabbed water on the pieces and they stuck beautifully. The fondant kept the cake moist and became easier to use with practice. I used Wilton brand fondant. I bought white and colored packages. I found the buttercream recipe on the Wilton website.

My sister-in-law and her guests loved the cake!

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