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Coolest Bollywood Bling Henna Design Cake

This Homemade Bollywood Bling Henna Design Cake was specially made for my Bolloywood mad cousin’s 30th birthday.

She loved purple so I based it around that, and the Bollywood song titled ‘desi girl’ of which I’ve used the words on the cake for as its her favorite song.

Two tier cake. Bottom cake was vanilla sponge and top tier was carrot cake. The ’30’ topper was made from thick fondant which ended up cracking 2 hours before delivery and had to use superglue – which made it inedible!!

I made the fondant from scratch (first time ever) made from marshmallow and icing sugar and a bit of water. Dyed it purple and blue and layed it on.

Stuck on the desi girl words (fondant) and used royal icing to stick on edible gold beads/balls around it the words.

The henna designs were a mixture of free-hand and pin-prick method (using pre-drawn on designs onto a paper towel and pin pricked onto the cake) traced over with yellow coloured royal icing (medium consistency). Fill some of the designs with shop bought glitter icing tubes.

Brushed over all the henna designs with gold glitter dust and also dry brushed the fondant with lustre dust. Added the ribbon trims. The orange ribbon trim is actually a ‘haar’ or a lai made out of silk. Flowers are fabric flowers. Oh and the pink gems are plastic.

Overall time to decorate the cake: 3 – 4 hrs! But totally worth it! Birthday girl was blown away.

Homemade Bollywood Bling Henna Design Cake

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