Coolest Crayon Box Birthday Cake

I made this giant Crayon Box Birthday Cake for my granddaughter’s seventh birthday. The theme of the party was “Arts and Crafts” so this fit perfectly!

I began by making the crayons: I took ice cream cones (the ones with the flat bottoms) and covered them in colored fondant. I made paper sleeves for each crayon which were the only inedible parts of the cake.

I baked one chocolate and one white sheet cake, iced them together and trimmed out the top of the “box” for the crayons. Using a small star tip, I iced the box with colored icing in bright gold, two different greens and red. Instead of “crayon,” I put “Taylor” and “7” for her birthday.

Overall, I was pleased with the outcome. I placed grey fondant underneath the crayons for the inside of the box, but it really wasn’t necessary. My daughter and granddaughter were very pleased with the final product. It fit the theme and was very colorful.

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  1. I thought it was a real crayon box on Google images, but only after clicking the picture did I notice it was a cake. Taylor, you’re lucky to have a grandma this talented!


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