Coolest Brum Birthday Cake

My own creation of a Homemade Brum Birthday Cake, the children’s car made from totally edible products of fondant and pastillage with edible lacquers and colourings from my local Sugarcraft shop. The cake was baked as a children’s vanilla Madeira with buttercream filling. Templates were designed and cut by myself for the windscreen and wheel arches. All of the modeled parts were made days before the cake to ensure full freshness of the Madeira cake.

The customer collected and was astounded ~ probably not wanting to allow the two year old to eat it! The usual problem with my cakes ~ Too good to eat !

Homemade Brum Birthday Cake

Homemade Brum Birthday Cake

2 thoughts on “Coolest Brum Birthday Cake”

  1. Fabulous cake!!!, I too get the same response to my cakes……it makes it even more worth doing when people appreciate all the effort and hard work that goes into these cakes!!


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