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Coolest Buttercream Lego Cake

I had a customer wanting a lego cake, but not one with fondant. So, I decided to try to do it out of buttercream and was really happy with how it came out!

  • I started off using 2 boxes of cake mix and baked a half sheet cake.
  • I let it cool, leveled it and flipped it on a cake board.
  • I then crumb coated it with just white buttercream icing so it would have a thin layer on it.
  • I let the crumb coat harden and then I took a long spatula and started making line indentations going from left to right to make the rows for the Legos. I did that for the whole top of the cake.
  • I then tinted the icing the four colors and put them in bags and got started.
  • I did row by row and filled in using different colors and doing different Legos to represent different Lego sizes until the whole cake was done on top.
  • I didn’t do any lines on the sides of the cakes. I just eyeballed it and guessed at the sizes on the sides as well.
  • Once the whole cake was done I let it sit for a while to let the icing harden.
  • Once it had harden enough, I took a little wooden roller that I have and went all over the cake to try and get it as smooth as I could.
  • Once I was done with that I went in the middle and added the big red Lego in the middle for the name.
  • I used black icing and tried making his name a little thicker and then I went over the black icing with yellow to make it stand out more.
  • I then used tip #3 and went over all of the Legos to add dots to them for the finishing touch.
  • I loved Legos as a kid so I had such a great time doing this cake although it is extremely hard on your back. I was especially proud I did it all out of buttercream icing because I am not much of a fan of fondant.

The customer absolutely loved it when she picked it up which made me feel good!