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Coolest Butterflies And Ladybugs Cake

My daughter wanted a Butterflies and Ladybugs cake for her birthday theme. I made 2 chocolate devil cakes and layered them with a choc butter filling and jam in the middle. I iced the entire cake with butter icing tinted pink. I creamed the butter first to get it as light in colour as possible.

Next I got 3 different types of ribbon and twisted them into a puff and secured the puff with pins into a piece of Styrofoam. I got the cute butterflies from the local $2 shop and wired each one so that they could be placed into the top of the cake. A number ‘3’ candle with three smaller candles were placed in the front.

I then made 24 mini cupcakes using the reuseable silicon bases. These were iced in the same pink icing as the main cake. I handmade 24 fondant ladybugs and painted them individually with food colouring, as cupcake toppers.

The cupcakes were gone in 30 seconds and we were left with a few crumbs of the cake!

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