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Easy Homemade Butterfly Cake with M&Ms

My 10 year old niece wanted a butterfly cake and was really pleased with this one. I made batter from 2 boxed cake mixes (yellow or vanilla cake mix), and baked them in 2 9×13 glass pans. I cut off the rounded top of each cake to make it more even.

Each wing was cut from one of the 9×13 cakes , and I used the left over cake pieces to make the center and head of the butterfly (several pieces were cobbled together but you can’t really tell once it is frosted).

I decorated using store-bought frosting, white frosting spread evenly over wings and chocolate for the center and head, then used a Wilton’s icing decorator for the pink edges (vanilla frosting with a few drops of red food coloring). I used M and M’s for decoration, and pipe-cleaners for antennae.

It was easy and my 13 year old daughter was able to help.

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  1. I think that your butterfly cake would certainly delight a little girl. It would also be welcomed by anyone with a whimsical outlook and a special occasion to celebrate.

    Your cake flutters!


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