Coolest Buzz Cake

This Buzz bust cake was inspired by a very sweet little boy who loves Toy Story.

It`s a personal sized cake (a 9×13 slab cut into 4 pieces and I just stacked two of them), the other pieces were saved to make pops!

I covered the cake first in a thicker layer of white fondant, then dusted the center with powdered sugar, then a thin square cut out of white and then topped it with yellow. I then placed a circle on the center at the top and used a very sharp blade to score even sections on the circle. Be sure not to press to hard or you will see the lines through (like on mine).

Once you have cut then you can peel back and use cotton balls to form the triangles so they stay standing up. I then used a quilting tool and made the diamonds on Woody`s shirt and painted on the stitching. I used a Buzz doll to replicate the figurine and used thick flower wire to ensure the arms stayed the right way!

Then added the belt. So much fun and he LOVED it, grandparents pulled out their phones right away to snap pictures before he got too into it! (this was just a personal gift for a special little boy).

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