Coolest Cadillac Cake

My Cadillac Cake was inspired by a 40th anniversary. I used a model car to come up with my creation.

I used a rectangle pan to make the cake and cut out all the detail. I used rice crispie treats to make the front seat and side doors because cake by itself would not stand up on it’s own. I frosted the cake with buttercream and then covered in fondant.

Florist wire was used to make the windshield frame, steering wheel and side view mirrors (which I painted). Grill work was done with a combo of edible paint and silver balls (also edible). Fondant and silver balls used for the wheels. The car is supported by wooden blocks that go down into the base cake giving it the illusion of going down the road! I was able to transport the cake to it’s location in all one piece. Amazing!

This cake was a total original. Took about 10 hours. It will be faster next time.

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