Coolest Camp Out Birthday Cake

The actual Camp Out Birthday Cake is made of baked cookie dough set to 325 F. and is delicious! At first me and my Mom couldn’t decide how the fire should look, and every camp out cake has to have a fire, so we made rocks out of M&Ms, jellybeans work too, and candles for the actual fire.

The girls on the cake are Polly’s bought at Wal-mart. My sisters and I have have been given so many Polly’s in the past, that we found some that looked like my friends. This cake is perfect for any party your planning for a boy or girl. It’s really a big hit and in my cake my guests actually looked like the Polly’s. It’ll delight anyone for sure, and it’s so much easier to use Polly’s than make each girl bit by bit.

The bushes came in handy whenever I made a mistake, I’ll I had to do was icing over it. Enjoy!

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  1. What a great idea for the fire! I think we may have to steal that one… thanks for the tip, and great job:)

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