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Coolest Camp Site Birthday Cake

This Camp Site Birthday Cake was for our son’s 5th birthday. The base is a 9×13 cake iced in green. I made another cake and poured batter in a small Pyrex bowl and the rest in an 8×8 pan. We cut a circle form the 8×8 as the base of the tent. We iced it and put the round cake on top. We put icing on it and wrapped it in a fruit roll-up after we cut out a doorway. We put crushed Oreos inside the tent. Campfire as crushed Oreos and crushed Iced Animal crackers as dirt and ash; with pretzel sticks and grey M&Ms for stones. The trees were made with pretzel rods and for the top I used some green gummy candy I got from a candy store. I put a tooth pick down the center of the pretzel rod and layered the gummy candy to make the leaves.

The bike was the coolest part to me! My husband made it from Oreos, pretzel sticks and a marshmallow seat. He “glued” it together with a tube of chocolate cookie icing and let it set up – it never fell apart and stood on the cake perfectly. It was fun to make and tasted great too!

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