Coolest Camper Van Cake

I am self taught at cake making and over the years have made numerous cakes for family and friends. I was asked by a friend if there was any way I could make a cake like a VW camper van for a friend’s son’s 18th birthday. Not ever having attempted to make a cake in the shape of a particular object before I decided to take up the challenge forthwith.

Using the same recipe for chocolate sponge that I have used over the years I started by making a 14inch square sponge. Once cooled I divided the sponge into three identical sizes, I then joined the three pieces together using chocolate buttercream.

Then looking at a photo of a camper van I took a knife and carved the sponge into the required shape of the body. I then applied the blue coloured regal ice to the lower half, then using white regal ice applied over the top half and trimmed to shape with a sharp knife. While the regal ice was still soft I marked out the shape of the windows with the back of a knife. The windows were then coloured in using silver food colour.

The wheels, mirrors, bumpers and mudguards were shaped and covered with the appropriate colour and applied to the bodywork. For the final touch a surf board was made and coloured and applied to the roof of the camper van.

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  1. do you remember the ingreedients for it? i’m planning on making one for my food tech class..and i need a recipie.. need some help, or a recipie from another site, PLEASE HELP!


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