Cool Homemade 3D Camper Van Cake

This Camper Van Cake was made for my husband. It’s the second camper van I have made. I started with a large oblong cake which I split and filled with jam and cream. I covered some odd bits of cake with flower paste and put this under the cake to give it the look of being off the ground. I then started to cut the cake and put on top of each other to get the desired shape. I covered the top half with grey icing, then covered the whole thing with white icing not putting any glue on the grey that would be the windows.

I then cut out windows being carefull not to cut through the grey icing. The wheels were made using flower paste coloured black and left to go hard. Using the cutter I used for the wheels, I cut a slight piece out of the cake so the wheels would fit in. I then made lots of the van bits like the grill and lights using various cutters etc.

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