Cool Homemade Candyland Birthday Cake for a 4 Year Old

I made this Candyland birthday cake for a friend. Her daughter was turning 4 and wanted a Candyland birthday party.

The cake was a half of a sheet white cake with buttercream frosting. I used candy canes, starburst, suckers, marshmallows, peppermints, spice drops, ice cream cones, candy hearts, smarties, Recees’s cups, and a tootsie roll for the “start” piece. I also used a color spray to get the frosting green and blue in parts.

This cake was fun to put together and I think the birthday girl loved it!

8 thoughts on “Cool Homemade Candyland Birthday Cake for a 4 Year Old”

  1. WOw that is some super cool cake~ I always loved that game and wanted to dive in and eat that candy board!Now we can with the cake!!! Great Job!

  2. a friend of ours made this cake last friday for
    a nine year olds birthday Madison love the cake
    because they play the board game alot

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