What a fun cake to make! When a friend of mine told me she was throwing a CandyLand themed party for her daughter who was turning 5, I couldn’t wait to get started on her Candyland birthday cake!

I used my favorite chocolate cake and strawberry filling to make a 4 layer, 9inch cake.  About a week before, I got started making the decorations – the fondant swirled lollipops and ice cream cones. For the lollipops, I rolled out different colors of fondant to thin, long “rolls” and then twisted 2 or 3 colors together.  Then swirled them into circles to make lollipop shape.  Stuck a lollipop in one end and set to dry.

The ice cream cones were so simple!  Using an ice cream cone cookie cutter, I cut the bottom half from brown fondant and then the top half in purple, pink, blue and red fondant.  Then glued top to bottom using some water and set to dry.

The day of the cake assembly, after frosted I cut out many 3/4 inch x 1 1/2 inch rectangles in multiple colors.  Once all were cut, I arranged them around the bottom of the cake, sweeping up one side and then around the top – to make it look like the CandyLand board!  I also cut out little gingerbread men using a small cookie cutter – in red, purple and yellow and placed them around the cake – like the game pieces in CandyLand!

I used fondant to cut out the words Happy Birthday and placed them on the cake!

My friend was THRILLED with the cake.  Her friends and family loved the design and cake flavors!