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Cool Homemade Candyland Cake for my Daughter’s 4th Birthday

This homemade Candyland Cake is the cake I made for my daughter’s 4th birthday. She doesn’t like cake but loves candy – so what kind of birthday party doesn’t have a cake? My solution was this Candyland cake covered in all kinds of candy.

The cake (base and castle) are rice crispy cake – but to make it a little more fun I added Reese’ cereal and M&Ms to the rice crispy cake. The base is two layers the size of a large cookie sheet and I used mini loaf pans to form the cake for the castle.

I found my new love when I was making this cake… modeling chocolate! So easy to make – just two ingredients chocolate and corn syrup – and voila! you basically end up with edible play dough. I used the modeling chocolate to cover the cake, do all of the lettering, make the squares for Candyland road and to cover the castle (the turrets on the castle are just sugar cones covered in modeling chocolate).

The best part about the modeling chocolate is that you just need a little water to make the pieces stick together – or to get any of the candy to stick to the cake.

I had so much fun decorating this homemade Candyland cake… there were a couple of areas along the Candyland road. At the start there were two giant lollipops that formed the gate to the road.

The first stop was Candy Cane Lane then onto Gum Drop Forest (I used toothpicks to ‘shish-kabob’ the gumdrops), next was Crystal Lake with rock candy lollipops and pink and purple sparkle sugar, then a pass by Chocolate Land with two bite brownies and mini Reese peanut butter cups, at the end of the road lollipops and Skittles candy lead the way to the Candyland Castle.

To finish I filled in some of the blank space on the cake with gumball flowers and gummy butterflies. The homemade Candyland cake was a hit and my daughter loved the fact that she got to pick off whatever candy she wanted to eat (within reason!).
Cool Homemade Candyland Cake for my Daughter's 4th Birthday

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