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Fun Homemade Candyland Cake for a 3rd Birthday

My best friend and I made this easy Candyland cake for my daughter’s 3rd birthday. It was a hit! The kids loved being able to eat every part of it!

I used half chocolate cake and half white. Frosted it with a plain vanilla whipped frosting and had a friend airbrush the blue to green background.

For the decorations Debbie and I followed the game board as closely as possible. We used starbursts for the squares, 2 different sized gumdrops for the edge and the gumdrop pass from the game. We used kiddie ice cream cones and vanilla whipped frosting piped in them from a pastry bag, mini marshmallows, and many different sized and shaped sprinkles.

Chocolate wafers broken in half were used for the chocolate corner surrounded by chocolate whipped frosting, and chocolate sprinkles. Mini gingerbread cookies were easy to find because my daughter’s birthday is in January so all the Christmas baking supplies were on sale!

The castle was the part that took the longest to make. We used powdered sugar and egg whites to make a paste, and “glued” our graham crackers together for the base, and put the large sprinkles on the sugar cones for shingles. After we let that sit overnight, Debbie frosted it with whipped strawberry and piped on some white with mini jawbreakers. I made trees using cookie frosting and large green sprinkles, and let them sit overnight also to harden. I liked the whipped frosting for everything because it doesn’t seem as heavy.

The total decorating time the morning of the party was really only about an hour and a half with 2 people working on it.

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  1. This cake is so awesome. I think it’s the best one posted so far. I’m going to use some of the ideas from this cake. Great Job!!! Well done. Love it, love it!!


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