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Sweet Homemade Candyland Cake for a Baby Shower

We did a baby shower with the CandyLand theme. And I knew I wanted to do the Candyland Cake. I’ve done cakes before but not a lot of decorating. It was a big family babyshower so I needed a lot of cake.

I started with a 14 inch round. Did 3 layers of carrot cake, my cousins favorite! I filled and stacked them. Then I used some ideas from others that I’ve seen on here. Did the icecream cones on side of the cake, cut them in half and filled them with icing. And put peppermints around them, didn’t have any candy canes and they are impossible to find out of season.

Then I took some jumbo cupcakes and made two large and two medium. Cut them into shapes of gumdrops and iced them with different color frosting and rolled them in different colors of sugar, pink, purple, blue and green. Then put those on the cake with real gumdrops surrounding them. Then for the chocolate swamp area, I baked a 6 inch round cake in chocolate of course. (I used one chocolate cake mix and made the 6 inch round, the 2 jumbo cupcakes and the 2 medium cupcakes). I put it on the cake and cut it to fit the back.

Put chocolate frosting in a piping bag with no tip and sort of swirled it around, then threw some mini butterfingers and whoppers on top. Then for the game pieces I bought Starburst and sort of rolled em a bit so they weren’t perfect squares. The blue ones are jolly rancher fruit chews. They were the only ones that had the true blue. Then I made some green icing and piped some grass and sprinkled green sugar in there. Put some lollipops in and a few spree candies.

I piped the Lainey Land (baby’s name) with a big round tip and then used small white tip to make stripes like the candy and a little red piping gel. This cake was a huge hit and SOOO much fun!!

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