Easy Homemade Car Birthday Cake

This car cake was really easy to make. It was for my four year old son who is crazy about cars.

I baked one yellow cake mix in 2 loaf pans. Once baked I cut each one of the loaves in half. I placed the other loaf rounded side down on a tray, and used toothpicks and a little frosting to secure one half loaf on top of the whole loaf (approximately in the center). I slightly tapered the corners of front of the half loaf to form the shape of the windshield.

Once this was done, I froze the cake for a few hours. I iced it with homemade cream cheese frosting, and decorated with Oreos for wheels and M&M’s for headlights and taillights.

The decorating took a fairly short amount of time and was simple as can be – but my son loved his cake, and it was the perfect size for the small number of guests that we had so there was no wastage (it served around 8-10 people).