My nephew is into racing. When I made this race car birthday cake for his 7th birthday, he was also into the movie Cars. This is the cake I came up with.

Cars Race Track Birthday Cake Instructions

  • I baked a 13″ x 9″ cake and cut out the inside of the 7 (v shape).
  • I  frosted the whole cake in white icing.
  • I covered the sides and outlined the 7 in chocolate Cheerios and I also lined the inside of the 7 with M&Ms.
  • I put chocolate wafer thin cookies in a food processor to make the asphalt and covered the top of the 7 with it.
  • I used white Good and Plenty candy for the lines on the road.
  • I used green frosting for the grass.
  • I decorated graham cracker bears to include as the spectators and then added the Happy Birthday candles, flags and Cars I bought at the toy store.

Ta Dah!  Rev yer engines and let’s eat cake!