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Creative Homemade Race Car Track Birthday Cake

Alexander turned 4 years old, he loves cars. Definitely a car theme. How about Speed Racer’s theme?

I made a race car track birthday cake out of two 9″ square pans, and two 9″ circle pans, cut in halves for each side of the car track. I made two tiers. End result an oval shaped race track.

Used lots of buttercream icing for the cake, between the tiers I put chocolate buttercream icings. Baked banana cake for the center pieces of the track, and both ends dark chocolate.

Race cars pattern of black and white checks around the race car track cake. Green “grass” all around for the “finished” look.

To make “START”, “FINISH” banners/flags I printed out colorful font letterings, cut and tape around pieces of bamboo skewers. One with birthday greeting, in the center (small grassy patch) of cake.

Mock up print-out picture of “SPECTATORS” watching the race, as the backdrop. I used a thick cardboard stuck at the back of the print out picture, propped picture up at an angle(for the support).

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