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Coolest Race Track Cake with a 7

I was surfing the web trying to look for ideas for my sons’ birthday cakes. My youngest son’s birthday was coming up and I wanted to try making his cake for his 7th birthday party. I saw all these different ideas for materials for the track, grass, “race” motifs, and even spectators! I decided to try to make the largest-size rectangular cake so that I could incorporate as much decorations to make the track. As it turns out, the largest pan I had was 11×15. It would have to do as I didn’t want to have to go out and buy a new pan just for this cake! So, I decided to make the cake more interesting by making it an ice-cream cake, DQ-style.

This Homemade Race Track Cake with a 7 ended up taking 6 days to put together (since I was at a day-job in between)! Here’s the timeline: Monday, I made 2 layers of chocolate cake (had to bake them separately as I only had one 11X15 pan. Wrapped them up tight after they had completely cooled and froze them. Tuesday, I let a 2L of mint chocolate chip ice cream thaw 10 minutes before spreading it on top of the bottom cake layer. I put the 2nd layer on top of the ice cream. You have to work fast when working with ice cream, expecially in July! I then re-wrapped the whole thing and re-froze the cake. Wednesday, crumb-coated the cake. Thursday, I properly iced the cake and put on the decorations (working 20 min at a time because I had to keep putting the cake back in the freezer to keep the ice cream from melting). Friday, I finished up the decorations on top of the cake. Saturday, I put the “fence” around the cake. Sunday was party day!

The track was made of Oreo cookie crumbs (idea from this website). The grass was made of dried coconut which I coloured green with food colouring (again, another idea from here). The spectators were Sour Patch Kids candy instead of gummy bears which I saw on a cake from here also. Since there was no room to write “Happy Birthday….”, I made a “jumbotron” saying “It’s a birthday win for Ethan Wingrove! Happy 7th Birthday, Ethan!” and made sure that the #7 car (which was his) crossed the finish line!

I was excited as I was making the cake and thrilled how it turned out! The kids at the party were just as thrilled and proceeded to raid the track for the sugar cars and eat the spectators! Thanks for all the ideas! Love this website!

Homemade Race Track Cake with a 7

Homemade Race Track Cake with a 7

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