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Cool Homemade Ball of Yarn and Cat Cake

This cat cake was made with the assistance of my eldest son for my own birthday. It was great fun to make and I even got him rolling the ‘strands of wool’ out of pink fondant. He loved doing it, although an extruder would have given a much neater and professional finish.

The cake is just a plain sponge baked in 2 pudding basins and sandwiched together with buttercream and jam. Then I covered it in more buttercream to stick a layer of pink fondant icing on before the yarn strands were then stuck on (with water). A cheeky fondant kitty on the top finished the cake. We made it the same colours as our beloved cat for a personalized look.

The design is from a book called ‘Easy party cakes’ by Debbie Brown. I’ve made a number of cakes from this book and all have worked out really well.

2 thoughts on “Cool Homemade Ball of Yarn and Cat Cake”

  1. You have totally inspired me with this cake! My daughter just asked me to make her a kitty cat cake for her upcoming birthday. I considered making just a standing cake (I have my grandma’s old Garfield pan) that looks like a kitty, but we have a LARGE family, so I needed a little bit more cake. This ball of yarn cake is perfect! Thank you so much for saving my bacon!


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