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Coolest Naughty Cat Cake

I made this naughty cat cake for the mum of a lady at work. Her mum had a cat that had the same personality and looks as Felix from the cat food adverts, so she asked me if I could a cake a Felix type cat cake.

I Googled Felix and found some pictures of him and it became clear he was a naughty fun cat! It’s a rich fruit cake, covered with marzipan and sugar paste.

I made the ‘splat’ cat first, from black sugar paste. TIP: I bought it in black as it takes ages to color yourself! I made some dents in the cake where he had ‘landed’ and plopped him on top.

Then I made a cat to peep over the cake. TIP: I added Tylose powder to stiffen the sugar paste. I made the body and head and pushed a cocktail stick through it to hold him together. I added the facial features and then and stuck him onto the cake with another cocktail stick. I added his arms, legs and tail last.

The cat hanging onto the cake was next and I scratched the cake surface with a scriber where his claws had gouged their way across the cake – (that hurt as the icing was so perfect!). I tuned his head round as though he was looking at something – maybe they’d all be caught by the cake decorator!

I added a mouse nibbled cheese with a mouse escaping down the side of the cake. The cheese is sugar paste with holes made by a ball tool. I added some cat paw prints just to make the cake even cuter!

I am very pleased with this cake and everyone loves it too – it is THE coolest naughty cat cake!

Homemade Naughty Cat Cake

Homemade Naughty Cat Cake

Homemade Naughty Cat Cake

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  1. This cake is so cute. Some one has asked me to make one like it. I hope I can do it justice. Thank you for the information on how you approached the decorations. I will have to put my own spin on my cake, so it is not exactly like yours.


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