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Coolest Homemade Fondant Cheeseburger Birthday Cake and Fries

I made this cheeseburger cake for my brother in law for his birthday. I got the inspiration from this web site. Any time my brother in law is asked what he would like for dinner, his response is always beef followed by cake, so I thought a cheeseburger as a cake would be his ultimate dream!

I made 2 Victoria sponge cakes, using my favorite recipe- 175g flour, caster sugar, and stork margarine 3 eggs and 1 teaspoon of baking powder, (doubled the recipe). I separated 1/4 of the mixture and added 25g of cocoa powder (to use as the burger). I baked all of the cakes in 8″ greased and lined tins for approximately 20mins. I covered the base of the burger with jam and a layer of butter cream.  I colored my fondant to the shade of the burger and covered the outside of the burger only.

I placed the chocolate sponge on, with a light smearing of butter cream  then placed the lettuce, tomatoes etc round the edges to create the burger look! I then covered the top of the sponge with fondant and added broken up pieces of white chocolate to represent the seeds. I used excess sponge cut into rectangles for the chips and piped red icing for the ketchup.

My brother in law was so surprised by his cake-he couldn’t stop laughing as he was expecting an ordinary cake, but loved the fact I had put two of his favorite foods together to create the ultimate birthday cake. He took loads of photos and uploaded them onto Facebook where I proceeded to receive lots of compliments and further cake requests!

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