Coolest Chinese Dragon Birthday Cake

This Homemade Chinese Dragon Birthday Cake was for my son’s 9th birthday. For the body I baked 2 large bundt cakes, one chocolate and one white. They were cut in half and arranged into a serpentine shape. For the head and legs I made a white cake in a loaf pan and shaped while frozen. Due to schedule constraints I had to bake and shape this cake 3 weeks in advance so in order to keep it as fresh as possible, the whole cake was covered in chocolate ganache, wrapped several times in plastic wrap and frozen. I felt that the ganache would hold up better and be an easier medium to work with for placing scales on top of.

The scales were made of MMF, cut out individually. Each day or every other day I would take the cake from the freezer and start placing the scales. It took a week (approximately 2 hours per day) to cut and place all of the scales. The hair, teeth and claws were made from colored tootsie rolls and I sprinkled the cake with disco dust, which cannot really be seen in the picture. It was a ton of work but my son loved it, and to top it off, when it was time to cut into it, it was as moist as a freshly baked cake and tasted great!

Homemade Chinese Dragon Birthday Cake

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