Coolest Cicada Cake

We’ve had millions of cicadas in Missouri this year, and my almost-one-year-old has loved playing with them. Naturally, we thought a cicada cake was the perfect choice for her first birthday!

I made an orange cake recipe in a loaf pan. I rounded out one end for a head, and the other end I made so it came to a point. I frosted with orange cream cheese icing then covered with black marshmallow fondant. Eyes are red fondant, legs are orange fondant. Wings are homemade candy poured into wing shaped molds I made out of aluminum foil. I pulled them out of the molds when they were solid enough to hold together but pliable enough to wrap around the bug’s back. I used orange dye to paint on wing detail and finished it up with green-dyed coconut and rocks written on with icing.

Hope you enjoy!

Coolest Cicada Cake

2 thoughts on “Coolest Cicada Cake”

  1. OMG I didn’t think I could find a cicada cake! My son LOVES cicadas and wants a cake for his birthday. Obviously not REAL cicadas (ugh). Your cake is AWESOME!


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