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Coolest Construction Site Dumper Truck Cake

This Construction Site Dumper Truck Cake is my second attempt at making a creative birthday cake, the first one was a Disney princess castle. I made this for my nephew’s first birthday and was told by my sister that the theme of the party was dumper trucks and diggers.

So I started off thinking about making just a big dumper truck but I also wanted to incorporate the Number 1 into it somewhere. I decided to buy a number 1 cake pan from Wilton and use this as my cake base. I made a chocolate sponge using the number cake pan, covered it in a thin layer of butter icing and then covered it in black fondant and added white lines made out of white fondant to make it look like a road. I also cooked 4 square chocolate sponge layers and layered them on top of each other and carved out a dumper truck shape. I then piped on yellow icing and black icing outline to fully make it look like a dumper truck and added cola millions on the top of it to make it look like it was carrying a load of dirt and placed the whole thing on top of the number 1 road. Oh and the wheels are mini chocolate donuts!

I bought a wee construction site toy set which included 4 mini vehicles, construction signs and little working men. I broke up some rich tea biscuits and scattered the crumbs all over the silver base to look like sand within a construction site. I placed the vehicles and the signs and the men within the sand and then using chocolate raisins, mini eggs and alphabet sweets made piles within the sand to look like piles of dirt needed moved buy the construction vehicles… I also used squares of chocolate to look like logs. With the alphabet sweets I wrote out 1st birthday as an extra touch.

This was actually a very simple cake to make using only a chocolate sponge recipe, a number 1 cake tin, yellow and black butter icing, chocolate donuts black and white fondant and some chocolate sweets and rich tea biscuits. I hope you like it.

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