Coolest Converse Shoe Cake

It was my boyfriend’s 20th Birthday and he is obsessed with Converse sneakers. I knew I had to make him an amazing Converse shoe cake since I make them for every family member’s special day, so I took on the challenge in creating a sneaker for him.

I used two 8×10 pans and used Betty Crocker cake mix which I died blue since I was making a blue sneaker. I stacked the cakes on top of one another, filling the centers with buttercream frosting so they would stick. I than shaped the sneaker (which was extremely difficult), using printouts of Converse’s from the computer. Once it finally resembled a converse, I used white fondant to resemble the rubber soles of the sneaker as well as the from toe section. The blue section I cut and measured to make into the cloth material on the Converse sneaker.

I over laped near the sneaker holes and poked a toothpick through to make spots for the laces which I made out of rolled out white fondant. I used white fondant on the back of the sneaker and wrote “Converse” on it, making the shoe authentic.

The front of the cake said “Happy Birthday Ryan” and he LOVED it! :)

4 thoughts on “Coolest Converse Shoe Cake”

  1. Hey Michelle G, we love your cake :) The authenticity is second to none, whilst the laces look so enticing. We admire your caking abilities whilst we jam to techno music. If so, can we put in a special request for a cake in the shape of a snapper turtle. Kudos to your cake!!!!

    Yours Truly,

    The Three Musketeers :)

  2. The cake looks great , did you have formal cake decorating training or were you born with artistic talent… love the look, my birthday is may 20th and I love Yorkies, up for the challenge!


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