Coolest Coolio Moshi Monsters Cake

I created this Moshi Monster Coolio cake for my daughter’s 8th birthday, she wanted a Moshi Monster themed birthday party.

I used various shapes and assemble together the cake as he is a soft serve icecream character. For the base I used a pudding bowl half full for the cone part, then I used a larger width bowl than the pudding for the largest part of the ice cream, then a smaller noodle bowl for the next tier of the icecream and a tea cup for the top part. I did cheat I used Betty Crocker cake mixes and icing. I made the cake 3 weeks ahead and just covered them in glad wrap and placed them in double plastic shopping bags, then the night before just pulled them out, cut any edges and did a crumb coat).

A couple of nights before the party I created the hands, eyes, mouth and feet with fondant tinted with food colouring. Then the evening before I assembled the cake by firstly adding a large blob of icing on the cake board, then assembling the cake and did that with each piece and rounding any edges if need be or slicing the tops or base so that the next tier would sit as straight as could be, I cut a triangular slice out of the top piece of cake to make a wave effect on the icecream end and crumbed coated the whole cake with white Betty Crocker Icing.

For the decorations I just used coke sour straps and cut into rectangular shapes to resemble the indentations of the cone.

My daughter and her friends eyes bulged out when they saw Coolio so I think they were all pretty happy about it.

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  1. Hi, there isn’t a moshi monsters Facebook page and they have a lot of fans sending in their photos of moshling cakes but I found that out after I had made the coolio cake. Good luck!


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